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Over the last couple of weeks there has been some rather interesting variables on the Manophere that would make you wonder if the battle was over and the post traumatic, aftermath was in progress..

Enlightening issues surfaced with regularity, as you would have witnessed on this blog as well. One cannot concentrate solely on the evil that is feminism, without taking some break in order to recharge the batteries and reassess the situation and plan our new strategies. It's a lot more fun as well..

First, we have Bill at "The Spearhead" issuing a poll to determine which feminist is the least obnoxious. Be it Valenti or Marcotte. I have found it difficult to distinguish between the two, as they seem to wallow in the same level of snipe and snark apart from the fact that they may even be twins. Obviously the outcome of that poll will do nothing nothing for poor little Marcotte, as it demonstrates that a night with her would be comparable with having a root canal removed without the anesthetic. Valenti got the nod for best shaggability of the two and should be awarded some trophy to mark the special occassion. Maybe something in plastic that runs on batteries..


Go ahead, tell them apart. They could even be evil twins. Some features and attitude. Does make one question the effectiveness of birth control or even the morning after pill..

The Hawaiian Libertarian broadens our knowledge about the local language with "Mo'olelo 'auana" .

Where as Fidelbogen at "The Counter Feminist" puts it on the line with

"If You Call Yourself a Feminist, You Will be Treated Like One",

The False Rape Society, the one single site who has been drawing attention to the obvious and has been proven to be very affective tool at spreading the message. It demonstrates that there is one sex who does not like the idea of the truth being promoted and would happily shut this excellent site down if they could. That has ofcourse been tried in the past with every MRM sites and blogs..

If we lived in a "rape culture," how would the Max Nicastro story be reported?

Girl's rape claim was false.

We cannot go past an excellent article about the MRM on World News Daily, that showed our young struggling movement. This does not happen anymore with the majority of MSM but the journalist that wrote the article actually contacted some of the people involved to ask questions. So, top marks to that site and to the standards they obviously maintain.

The AVfM site has ofcourse introduced a few topics of interest as they push the words on the lips of every MRA, "FTSU"..

Setting the Record Straight..

MELT: Campaign for Justice.

There are ofcourse copious other places on the web that promote, argue and discuss plenty of topics about men and the society that we live in. More links in the right side bar to have a look at, so you don't have to try and find them yourself. Broadening one's information about the MRM has to be a priority as there are so much false, fake,  malicious and nasty information out there designed to minimise our effectiveness, still our voice and negate our legitimate course of action..

Christian J.