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One of the many issues that I have had time to ponder would have to be situation that if the feminist's attitudes towards man and boy, had of been a little friendlier, than we would not have had any reason to mount any opposition. If feminists had of been more about "equality" than what they have so successfully demonstrated as being precisely the opposite, there would have been no argument. If they had of been a little more reasonable with their demands, we would have had nothing to fight. If they had of been a little more considerate about obvious issues that afflicts society, the MRM would have nothing to do. It would not have warranted it's existence at all..

But just like the spoilt child, that selfish individual who has tasted what power and control they had via it's screaming and hysterical demands, feminists have been in that exact period of childhood, but never realised that sooner or later, that type of behaviour would no longer be tolerated as it would draw attention to itself, from the same people who may have originally decided to give feminism it's full backing and support..

What has happened now is that they have called in that "Nanny", you know that program where some individual is called in to control the uncontrollable child. That child having already reached the limits of bad behaviour and it's behaviour has now become so toxic, that desperation now demands that something has to be done. The option of ignoring it or letting the child have it's own way is no longer an option. That is precisely where feminism is at today..

The efforts by the current group MP's in the American Parliament(Congress/Senate) demonstrated just that when they hit VAWA on it's head and put it's maliced and misandric impulses on the shelf for some more scrutiny. Whenever anyone bothers to have a closer look at VAWA, one becomes aware of the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars disappears into dark holes where no one is held accountable, no explanation is required and that money ends up in the pockets of those same rent seeking scum who control the domestic violence/Sexual Assault/All women are victims, industry. Needless to say that that same industry is responsible for those same establishments called "Women's Shelter", which have been demonstrated to do precisely the opposite of what they claim to do. For more information on that see Prof. Carey Roberts' expose of the goings on in that department..

The other major issues regarding VAWA is the total denial to any man or boy, after having any claim made against them, and I mean any claim, false or otherwise, with no proof required or witnesses or even a medical report. Any male is automatically deemed to be guilty because of their sex. Tell how this is not akin to the Communist party response to anyone not kowtowing the party line and sentenced to Siberia. The comparable outcome is the same. The methodology is the same..

Feminist Lackey..
VAWA also ensured a lot of other issues need to be raised. The one other issue that stands out from the use of VAWA's laws was the fact that an illegal Mexican female could and has made claims against American Male citizenry, by claiming false assault/abuse and thereby guaranteed access to a green card, accommodation, funds, legal advice and automatic citizenship application to the US. How is it possible for an illegal citizen, can make a false assualt/abuse claim, be guaranteed assistance, accommodation, free legal assistance against a citizen of the country they have entered illegally and yet win that claim with the help of that same government. How screwed up is that, how many other countries in the World does this apart from America ? NO ONE..

That is how far and deep VAWA runs and has reached and is acted upon and it's a piece of malice that feminists have installed in place solely to put more US male citizens in prison. The US has now the highest prison population per capita in the western world for this precise reason..

And feminists wonder why they have opposition !!