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Someone has coined a very appropriate term in recognition of radical feminists and their terrorist behaviour. Their exposed site of RadFem Hub has also exposed them to being potential terrorist as they have been planning, not only the destruction of the Men's Sheds around the world but also the annihilation of the entire male population with only a few exceptions..

The actions that radical feminists want to introduce includes the option of having to eliminate a few "negative patriarchal" females, who may carry that unwanted and despised thinking process into their newly formed imaginary Utopia. A development that originally would involve totally eradicating every building, all structures would have to go and only a few privileged Alpha males would be re-indoctrinated and used as "breeding" stock for their entirely new concept. All male children would be slaughtered at birth ofcourse, as there would only be room for those specific breeders..

The other problem they would face, according to the "thinkers", would be the re-education of females in order to ensure that their ideology would work without any resistance. That would be undertaking in special training camps, specifically designed to hold the population in place whilst their training was being undertaken..

So in all, it would appear to be a direct copy of Animal Farm and a healthy splash of "1984", in order to steer their path towards that Utopia but meanwhile, there has not been any indication concerning the feeding or transportation of the mob or accommodation to be provided as they have only rubble at their feet to contend with..

For the answer to those and many other important questions, we wait with baited breath for the next instalments. The soap opera will continue soon, as soon as they return from holidays ofcourse. One must have a break from all that planning and scheming..

Download 250Mb of data via the RadfemHub Site that includes their secret inner sanctum posts and discussions as well..

Or Direct Download from Agent Orange Site..