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Just one more guffaw session about Hugo and I will let it go. It has been such an ongoing hobby over the past few years to demonstrate precisely what male feminists are really all about that once they are thrown under the bus by their female masters, one stands back in incredulity and wonders how they could justify it all. But justify they did even if it was only in their own tiny, bigoted, narrow minds..

When you have a look at Schwyzer's overall zeal at promoting that male hate movement, one would witness a fanatic at work. Apart from endless demonstrations of cognitive dissonance that every feminists must possess, you would not find a more dedicated and hard working whipping boy than Hugo. So why did they toss him under the bus? Solely because he was a male, the angst sisters recognised the fact that he was better at it then they were and they were loosing the argument as well as loosing control of their menopausal baby. Radical feminists are back in control and Hugo was in the way as their hatred for all males is palpable and constant, Hugo just had to go, the loathing and verbal detritus does not come any more concentrated than in a radical feminist's hate for all men. Probably because most are indeed lesbians. That may seem like some cop out but it is unfortunately true and can be easily verified. Check the RadFem Hub for verification. You could easily compare the hate for males to a similar event in the second world war against the jews, the comparison is real..

Feminism's last gasp is currently being played out as they are only just kicking rocks, wandering through the desert, looking for minutiae to wallow in. Even Steinem has transferred her loathing and hate sessions to Arab countries as there is much more obsessive behaviour that she can throw a grenade into..
The Atlantic has just published an article regarding the exile of Hugo Schwyzer from the feminist camp. America’s most vocal male feminist ally has just been kicked to the curb by the feminists who he so worshiped. Schwyzer has made a career of writing articles that have promoted a self-emasculating viewpoint in favor of promoting feminist ideas. Until recently, he wrote a series of articles on the Good Men Project, politely telling men how horrible they were and particularly telling the world that “the answer to men’s rights was more feminism.”
Yep, that was Hugo's answer to everything, more feminism to fix the same problems that feminism has created and is responsible for. Obviously, Hugo has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and he is going to find out exactly what happens when more feminism is applied, better still, he has already found that out..

Hugo thrown under the Bus..