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Here is Tom Martin asking students about discrimination relating to his own case. Tony has sued the London School of Economics -

Watch this video and be astounded at the total ignorance and stupidity of most of these women and others as they are asked simple, straight forward questions and watch how those male haters wallow off into their standard, women's studies encouraged, and brainwashed responses which is so limited in it's outlook, one has to wonder what these women are doing at University..

The aggressive behaviour by these women is astounding. What planet do they live on..

This is the "new" generation of morons that are now being schooled, now being indoctrinated and will in the future be running government offices and the country. I hope I don't live that long...

The ignorance and stupidity is overwhelming. If it was not for the odd one or two, all would and will be lost..

Tom Martin began studying an MSc in 'Gender, Media and Culture' at The London School of Economics in the 2009/10 term, but withdrew six weeks into the course, filing a £50,000 damages claim against the elite university, for 'sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act.'

Tom is representing himself in the legal process, and asks you to go to to read all about the case, and to donate towards the fighting fund.

For an in depth interview with Tom on AVFM, (starting 36:30 into show) listen at:

References: Women 4 times more sexist than men:
- unfortunately, the researchers have hidden their findings within the above paper - so reading the extract is not enough, but it is well worth the $11 to download, or you could read it free, by going to and find the listing:
Rudman, L. A., & Goodwin, S. A. (2004). Gender differences in automatic in-group bias: Why do women like women more than men like men? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 87, 494-509.
Clicking the link labeled "Request Paper" at the end of that entry will bring up a window that will email a PDF of the paper to whatever email address you enter.

No pay gap for under 30s, and part-time women out-earning part time men:

Per unit of effort, women earn more than men per hour overall: Go to
and download video clip entitled 'Neil Cuvuto show, August 21th, 2008'. Roy Den Hollander says women earn 3% more than men for all work-related hours - and here's how he got that number:
'Females earn more per unit of time at work than males. The average man spends 44% more time working or doing work related activities than the average female. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Time Use Survey 2007, Table A-1. So for every hour a guy works, a girl works 42 minutes, but the average female makes 77% that of the average man. If the two were paid equally per unit of time actually worked, then the pay for the average female would be 69.5% that of the average man—not 77%--so girls are overpaid. 

You'll have to update the figures because I believe now the Dept of Labor stats are girls making 80% that of a guy and the Dept of Labor has a more current Time Use Survey.'

As for women more likely to use weapons, poison, element of surprise, or an accomplice:

As for women initiating 70% of DV and being 70% of lone abusers: - Martin S. Feibert's enormous annotated bibliography is in the lowbar of that video.

Indian domestic violence allegations (98% false) video:

For exclusive link to LSE's newspaper article on Tom's lawsuit:

Hyperlinks to all A to Z references in the video appear at - some hyperlinks currently not working - being fixed soon)

Tom can be contacted at

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