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I have been spending the last few days studying the actions of radical feminists and their inane attempts at trying to destroy all things male. I have even tracked a few sites back to Sweden, which ofcourse is no surprise..
 I have come across several feminist blogs and sites discussing how much they loathe and hate radical fems and how much radical feminists hate the heterosexual feminists, it really is laughable. Radical feminists (most) look at the slutwalk effort as a major joke and don't we all.. Failing to hide their contempt and derision, belittling their efforts as they were children or worse still, exhibitionists..
 There is not an ounce of agreement between them as radical feminists (mostly lesbians)want to cull the male population to anything less than 30% but some feminists object as they have boys as well as male partners and try to justify that incomprehensible behaviour or are busy apologising for being contaminated because they had sexual relationship with that sex kowtowing to these hateful lesbian feminists. It is such a circus..

The hate just wafts like a fog from those sites..

Here we have another feminist going over the top and this time the 'SlutWalk" enabler got trampled under foot for being a racist. I would have thought that her efforts would have introduced a few more charges but it is what it is..Feminists once again demonstrate their utter and total disregard for fellow human beings as they rage against imaginary version of the male, their obsession failed to recognise limits of offensive and acceptable behaviour..

They really are the most obnoxious human beings that wallow in malice and callousness, to such a degree that you would not even allow your own mind to think, it let alone act on it..

But here they are. Wonder why this was not front page news eh!!

The feminist double-think applies as one must try to comprehend, how much thought went into the sign and why she would instigate this type of malice without consideration and what were her fellow feminists thinking by allowing that sign to be displayed without so much as a warning or request to have it removed for being over the top, offensive..
One must wonder about the apology below and how any human being could actually deny being racist when the sign she was holding expressed precisely that. She apologises for being caught in the act and all is forgiven because, it made her "cry"..
"There was no disrespect, hurt, pain, or offence intended. I don't think there was one racist person there. I, the one holding the sign, though not the one who made it, would never use that word offensively. The word and it's meaning is wrong, but the sign is true. There is no contest about it. I am probably the least racist person out there. I have never even mistakenly judged someone by the color of their skin. Don't judge before you know what is really going on. I did not make the sign, but still feel wrong and sick. I apologize for being photographed with it and would like to ask for it to be taken down. I never thought this experience could make me ashamed or hurt, or even make me cry, but it has. Anyone who has seen photos of me with it please ask for them to be taken down. ____ this is not your fault, I just don't wish to be hated for a word."