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Here they are, the delusional demonstrating it..
One of the remarks often made against feminists, I may have on the odd occasion made one or three, is that in order to be a feminist, one has to possess a higher level of cognitive dissonance..

cognitive dissonance
noun Psychology -
..the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.

One specific reference that can be made against feminists just by following some of their incoherent arguments and ramblings. I found some commentary between several feminists, both male and female where they are rabbiting on about different, in their opinion, relevant issues, of which they know zero, nada. That topic being a female's opinion on masculinity. An equivalent question would be to ask a cougar what it thinks of a rabbit, the whole topic is just too ridiculous for words.. 

I personally don't give a damn what feminists or women for that matter, think of or about masculinity. It is an off topic and not for discussion as far as I am concerned, it would be the same with the opposite sex. They are what they are and the chance of changing anyone is a total waste of time. But feminists are determined to undermine masculinity, whatever they conceive it to be and turn males into those pathetic, metro-sexualised manginas that we witness as being pretend feminists. A character that no one wants to know, if and when approached it would automatically guarantee pity. One would have to ask what happened to that poor bugger to turn him into such a useless, namby-pamby, pantywaist, milksop, weakling, milquetoast; informal sissy, wuss, pansy, candy-ass, scaredy-cat, chicken, twinkie, cupcake; archaic poltroon.wimp..

And they are the ones that SCUM feminists want to keep around or that is what they hope, after removing every other male, ofcourse..

“The Wrath of The Feminists”: A Discussion of Masculinity, Gender, and Feminism

A Twitter discussion @jennpozner, @TMatlack, @hugoschwyzer @amandamarcotte @shiratarrant, @feministfather, @therealroseanne and others.

One does wonder..

Link to the rest of the drivel..
That's about as much as I can take without the brain starting to lock and freeze..Minutiae management is what feminists are all about. The personal is political, one of them dreamed up so they follow that CD methodology to infinitum without really agreeing or reaching same or even some conclusion.
Every issue is open for interpretation and they spend their waking hours reading and researching all that dysfunctional nonsense that has already been soundly debunked but they persevere otherwise their lives, in their opinion would be wasted, would never have achieved anything. My opinion would be that their lives are history right now but they persevere in the hope that some day they made be able to prove, demonstrate or hope that they were right..

If anyone is interested, here we have a feminist professor giving lessons on twitter..

Melissa Harris-Perry
New Orleans
Bio: Tulane Professor, MSNBC contributor, Columnist for The Nation.
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