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"Stop the Abuse"
 December 7, 2011

SAVE Urges Activists to Protest Verizon Video 
Dear Christian J,
Outrage is growing over the Verizon Foundation video that portrays abusers as "monsters" and denies the existence of abusive women or abused males:  

Editorialists have called the video "outrageously misandric" and having the "potential for spreading harm and hate." The pro-feminist blog Jezebel described the video as "disturbing."

Activists across the United States and Canada are going to their local Verizon store to raise awareness about the video's systematic biases. We invite you to join in this effort.

Print out copies of this flyer:  . Then pass it out to customers as they enter the store and to store employees.

Tell them the Verizon video is hateful and harmful, and needs to taken down immediately.


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments