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As you all are well aware of, feminists are a laugh a minute as they wallow in minutiae. Hugo Schwyzer (womens studies lecturer and Mangina Award winner) claims that feminists are non-violent and that feminists would not touch a hair on your head. This is the level of confusion and denial, these morons have reached. Their endless claims that females are incapable of violence is straight out of the Scum Manifesto cognitive dissonance claims, lunatic and professional psycho Solanas screamed and raged about..

From the RadFemHub..

Mangetout says:"....kill off all the alpha-males
If feminists are NOT violent Hugo, your denial, then what is this all about ?
Lisalyn R. Jacobs charged and arraigned today for assaulting Ben Vonderheide, aka. Daddy Justice At a VAWA Hearing in the Senate Building in Washington D.C.
This male hater, feminist, attacked Ben Vonderheide while he was videoing. He caught that rabid feminist on film. Well done Ben..

This male hater worked on VAWA, which explains why it is so anti male and biased, while it promotes  and funds women only, at all and any cost..

Lisalyn R. Jacobs, Vice President for Government Relations

Lisalyn JacobsLisalyn R. Jacobs joined Legal Momentum as vice president for government relations in March of 2003. She began her legal career at the National Partnership for Women and Families under the auspices of Georgetown’s Women’s Law & Public Policy Fellowship. Following three years in private practice, she joined the Office of Policy Development of the U.S. Justice Department in 1995 and worked on a number of issues including implementation of the Violence Against Women Act, the welfare reform law, judicial nominations. and affirmative action. She also served as Chief of Staff of the Civil Rights Division, as well as Special Counsel to the Director of the Violence Against Women Office. In May of 2000, she left DOJ and for nearly three years was a civil and human rights consultant on issues ranging from capital punishment to affirmative action, and international human rights. She has testified before congressional committees at both the state and federal levels.
See the assault caught on tape…