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The end of year school report card is not looking too healthy as we investigate some of feminism's efforts and claims, that bites them right where it hurts, the bank account, dignity, culpability and accountability for their effort..

Originally made by those seriously corrupted and self inflicting, non-emolience hegemony's claims are placed under the microscope of reality..

1. "Don't need no man", this statement ran lyrical with the lesbian feminists as it just states the obvious. Noting how lesbians cater to each others penchant for BDSM, plus other pain inducing activities, finding a partner of the opposite sex to join in their arrangements,  was deemed impossible.
Ofcourse the rest of the population just ignored their irrelevant rantings and went on their merry way and left them with some explaining to do, while abuse workshops were compulsory attended in the hope they might forget to administer their usual caring and sharing mentality..

Mark 0 out of 10

Misandric Queen Dowd..
2. "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" really belongs with the above comment as it was meant to be as offensive as a similar comment made by Maureen Dowd's myopic piece of misandry named tome "are men necessary". The answer was too slow in coming for Dowd as she started complaining about not having anyone to date under the guise that "men don't like strong women", the standard dysfunctional response from any female who has problems finding a companion. Dowd ofcourse would have that same issue as feminists like herself do, they are about as interesting as drinking the last week's bathwater but Dowd doesn't know how to change from just being a mean spirited bitch. Feminism has that affect on the opposite sex as one has to make room for all those chips on their shoulders..

Mark -1 out of 10

3. 'A woman would never lie about rape", whoa, I may just let you read that again and wonder how anyone could be stupid enough to allow the brain to force that comment to verbally escape the orifice. Needless to say that it has kept copious people employed, proving beyond doubt that feminists do actually escape from their other dimension and expose to the world their very own self improved version of waxing nonsensically, lyrical..

Mark 0 out of 10

4. "A woman can do anything a man can" except participate on a level playing field. Better add to that a copious amount of other facts as well. Sadly, in their effort to compete with men, women have lost their own identity and now wonder why misery and loneliness makes up their ever increasing, privileged lifestyles. After changing everything possible in the work place, demanding equal pay for less work and effort, ensuring automatic promotion when not warranted, lowering every possible standard in order to"compete" with men. We have the final admittance that their life sucks and now refuse to join in on the fun of being a wage slave. Their burnout rate is now set at thirty, that picket fence and those rugrats that feminists screamed at them to not want, occupies them more then ever. Meanwhile the guys are standing back, sipping their beer and going, mmmmm, let me think about it!!

Mark 1 out of 10

6. "Takes a village to raise a child", those famous words were rabbited by marxist, feminist puppeteer, Hillary Clinton, claiming ofcourse that old marxist maxim of not needing a family and better yet, no Father. Unfortunately too many incarcerated, drug addicted, gang members were drawing on their non-filtered gunge-sticks while pregnant, to realise what it was they were saying. But 51 percent of the female breeding population thought it was a great idea as it guaranteed copious government largesse and automatic withdrawals from someone else's ATM and credit card. That should have worked well except they were spending way too many hours in the company of their spawn and ensured the abuse rate increased exponentially and thereby winning the competition, if there was ever one..

Mark 0 out of 10

7.  "Women are not sex object" would have to be the most confusing statement ever made. One has to wonder whether or not they are just having a joke at our expense. It's a bit like the "slutwalk" mentality where dressing up as a slut would not set any precedence, traipsing around flashing boobs and skin is apparently meaningless, dressing in fashionable clothing along with makeup, perfume, Victorias little secret accessories, does not enter that argument at all. Behaving in any fashion without responsibility or accountability was demanded to be standard practise. But entering an elevator and breathing the same air or looking more than one third of a second too long, must be deemed to be abuse. New accessories will have to be stopwatches with microsecond measurements..

Mark 0 out of 10
Total = Nada..