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Bernard's just pointing out what the mainlining whiners are up to and how peplexed they are about all things male. They sometimes forget that they have spent some considerable amount of time trying to deconstruct us and try to fit our manhood into a nice little box and labelled appropriately to their newly identified interpretation of masculinity..
 They forget though, after all that masterly reconstructing effort, how far did they reach in their deconstructing discussion. Someone always forgets to take notes, so whenever they wallow down the deconstruct/reconstruct lane-way again, they have to start all over again as them men just won't co-operate and they have to start anew. It's just soooo!, infuriating..

There must be some other way they could heap more blame, as it's what they do. Like children playing marbles, way back when it was legal and you had your shot and it failed, so you tried to compensate by claiming you slipped, it never worked, but you tried anyway. Those irrelevant femmies are just like that, they try on their heightened "I am so offended" mantle but as soon as they loose the argument they back off and claim foul or like the sufferers of the Marcotte Syndrome, claim it's out of context..

I did recommend a while ago that you purchase some share in cat breeding and accessories industry as that is a booming market. Cats are not too fussy about the company they keep..