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Sunrise and another day breaking through..

Bugger, 2012 already and I will have to make some decisions regarding this blog as it would appear to be ludicrous to continue along the same vein as I have over the last few years, I detect a general change of interest and attitude towards the MM(Mens Movement) and I need to go with the flow..

We are achieving what we set out to do and that was to present the information, as unbiased as possible, demonstrate the facts and let everyone make up their own minds. It seemed reasonable to me as I would be expected to be treated the same way. If someone has an argument and sets forth a succinct presentation to back up that argument, I could at least have a look at it and see if it does.

I am of the opinion that the expose of the RadFem Hub was the straw that broke the camel's back. We showed that feminism and feminists were not really that interested in what they claimed to be. Their interpretation of utopia was not what everyone else POV was, they presented an image that was totally unworkable and demonstrated to be actually insane. Everyone reading their worldview realised that their lives were not that bad and they realised too, that they did not want to end up living in a feminist enhanced society where having consensual sex would be declared rape if the condom broke,  creating videos and plays that shows how to murder someone because of his sex or to try and generate a tax against an individual because of his sex.  Interfere with the education system to such a degree as to train children to behave and except all of their nasty and abusive behavior, was indeed way over the top, that is Sweden today, feminist governance at it's worst. With those type of laws in place and the might of the state adding legality to that level of lunacy, it did make our current lifestyle and situations appear a lot better than was originally thought..

Feminists have just clearly and finally demonstrated beyond doubt, what they wanted as an outcome and the general public, that's you and me, realised that it was just not on..

Those signs appear to me to be positive. We have for so long argued and debated that enemy, that is feminism, for good reason. But as with all things, everything has it's own cycle, whether we like to believe that, realise it or not. Over the years, the amount of hysterical, downright obnoxious rude comments that I use to receive with regular monotony, all suffered the same ignorance.  They even appeared to be straight out of the some automatic dispensing machine about "how to blame an MRA for your screwed up lives", like pre-prepared scripts. They were actually comical in content and in  their contrived rage.

Those rude, nasty comments have completely disappeared. I have not had one for some considerable time which either means that I am not poking and prodding hard enough to aggravate them sufficiently or we may be witnessing an overall change in attitude and thinking, people have witnessed feminism's sexism and obvious bias, that has surfaced dramatically over the last few months. Agent Orange has had more effect then he ever dreamed he would. This I take as another sign that things are changing, it is a readjustment of thought, behaviour and opinion. It does not mean that this blog will cease to apply the tourniquet of reason but it does mean that an overall different approach will have to be introduced. This will gradually take place over the next month or so, as I have to be comfortable with the fact that I can no longer cane the piss out of sex responsible for the changes introduced, even that attitude is changing as more and more members of the opposite sex join the sane side..

The other change that I have introduced gradually over the past six months was input on articles with an increased level of commentary on my part, which has worked a treat, more followers as well as increased hit rates. Which is really what this is all about, spreading the word. Hopefully a slight tweak will work even better..

So stay tuned and see if you can notice the changes and I have a feeling that some may be met with a little resistance but I have had a good think about it and I think it will be the way to go..