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For those of your who have downloaded the Agent Orange files, would be well aware of this nasty bit of work and her obnoxious ranting on the RADFEM Hub where there discussions consisted of planning the removal of half the Earth's population, blowing up Men's Sheds with the occupants inside and throwing small boys through glass windows, just for a laugh. Those little boys are rapists didn't you know and they must pay in advance..

Their lunatic rantings echoes in my mind as I remember reading copious amounts of their psychotic rantings that would have been more suited to members in a psyche ward rather than by women in positions of trust and placed in areas of academic learning. Many more people with be outed as we time go by as this is just the tip of the iceberg. The topping of a sludge ridden pond as we dig deeper into that cesspool of seriously demented human beings..

Lucy Nicholas AKA Luckynkl Outed by Pro-Male Blog

I remember Luckynkl. She made a cameo appearance at the Stand-Your-Ground forums, years ago, before I started the blog. She has long held a nasty reputation as a very nasty feminist indeed. Yes, feminists are nasty things.

Thanks to the Agent Orange files, and the research which they inspired, we now know that Luckynkl is in fact Lucy Nicholas, a professor of sociology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. And it seems that she also works at the University of Portsmouth, on the south coast of England.

No surprises here. I have long known that higher academia is crawling with these people. I have read far more of their academic papers and articles than anybody should decently be required to do, and it has left me thoroughly jaded about all this. But to all of you not-jaded ones, way out yonder in the world, this may be fresh and electrifying stuff.

The blog Trigger Alert! (International Library of Antimisandry) has an article all about Lucy "Luckynkl" Nicholas, and it offers a juicy summation of the meat of the matter: