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 Warning! SRS is under femergency lockdown; bans and red flairs will be given out with extreme reverse prejudice


7,091 Rededditors banned.
Show my flair on this reddit. It looks like:

I really do enjoy waxing lyrical occasionally on Reddit as the permanently offended rise to the occasion with the precision of a high board diving athlete..

The above heading demonstrates nicely their penchant for self perpetuated, imaginary drama..

They are also of the opinion that banning anyone for not toeing the feminists hate language is to be shunned and not laughed at. Those of us who have wandered onto those feminist male hating sites automatically expect to be banned, as stating the truth is reason enough, it's offensive enough..

Note the dysfunctional responses..

Ahh, the joys of..

[–]shazmafat 6 points  ago
You sound like George Bush - you either support killing arabs, or you are also a terrorist.
Listen to yourself. You sound just as crazy and extreme as the Mens Rights Crackpots
[–]shazmafat 3 points  ago
That site is bullshit, it provides no links to the sources. It's slander. God, this just gets worse.
I did visit - the actual site being slandered by a voice for men - and it seems like your typical feminist website. There's nothing there showing me these women are homicidal. I guess you guys are angry that any women are daring to be radically feminist.
What a bunch of pathetic online bullies you are. They are entitled to their opinions. Like I said before, you really need to get lives, because at the end of the day you're just a bunch of sad, crazy woman-hating losers and nobody is sympathising with you.
[–]shazmafat 2 points  ago
lol. you wish I was hysterical. No, I'm just utterly repulsed. You guys are fucking gross, and pathetic.