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Agent Orange..
Well, it looks like our time is over and we will have to shut down every site, blog and forum cause the femmies says we gotta.

They have their knickers in a knot because we dared to show everyone exactly what they are really all about. Gee, from the response that we haven't gotten at all. Did anyone notice that there has not been a single response, article or denial to the release of Agent Orange Huge File Download(which has reached over 100Gb in download rate in just three days) and from that radical toxic, male hating lesbian feminist forum, nothing, nada, nil, zilch..

They may be in as much shock as the rest of us. I suppose finally finding out that those lunatics actually run the feminist hegemony, may be slightly upsetting and declaring that everyone else in that male hating movement, are just automatons and useful idiots, would upset anyone, even the "FUN"feminists. Gee, and we have been telling everyone that all along. Truth is such a bitch..

Bernard apparently has been warned as well.. Shocking video to follow..