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The endless argument between Social Scientists, Behavioural Scientists and Evolutionary Psychologists (EP Scientists, are the scourge of the feminists and their inane disproven "product of your environment, not your sex" mentality) have been sampling, testing, pocking and prodding the population for a very long time. Issues like erotophilia are explored and answers are needed to determine whether or not the Feminist induced puppet scientists are actually capable of telling the truth. That would take an almighty effort as lying to feminists is akin to sucking oxygen on demand. Regardless of previous studies demonstrating clearly that the majority of behaviour has been accumulated over eons and fixed into our DNA, that is not their goal or aim, as it does not fit nicely into their gender, sexuality and behavioural mentality and biased doctrine..

They much prefer to wander into the unknown to demonstrate their newly found dyslexic interpretations than to actually find out the truth about human behaviour. A bit like those two cretin parents refusing to divulge the sex of their (son) child. They would be finding out about now precisely what his sex preferences are unless ofcourse they force him to behave like a girl, which rather defeats their inane intentions of not identifying as either sex. The greatest, riotous result would be for the lad to be expelled from school for aiming a gun shaped slice of pizza as some permanently offended plodder..

I digress.

Truth and Consequences: Using the Bogus Pipeline to Examine Sex Differences in Self-Reported Sexuality
Michele G. Alexander and Terri D. Fisher

Michelle and Terri wanted to have a look at why men claim to have more sex than women were prepared to admit to. That is basically the entire content and result of this study. It just really demonstrates that when the sexes are told that their response to specific questions regarding sex and sexual activities is being monitored, they tend to tell the truth more so than when asked the same questions face to face. Apparently, the girls lie about that as well and we have these two studious members of academia wondering why that is the case in the hope, I would imagine, to demonstrate that somehow the girls are really just victims of another imaginary slight.

Also, the attitude that women take when lying about humping is because it does not sit well with anyone knowing that riding the cock-carousal should be a favoured option and have determined that being called nasty names is not their end goal, better to lie about that. Even though fibbing about it all appears to be an irrelevancy. These two students of social discipline assumed that shaming anyone about being naughty behind everyone's back, was just another recently introduced methodology society uses to brow beat girls about their behaviour.
Claiming that men do not receive the same bias, boohoo. What was missing from the commentary was ofcourse the fact that women are more inclined to cane the piss out of each other and call each other sluts and whores than men normally do, as they compete for partners and deride each other if they determine them to be any competition as demonstrated by a previous study I posted a while back. But that outcome really had nothing to do with anything, apparently..

So, if you're into reading new words and spending an hour reading about the obvious, have a look by all mean (link in the title) otherwise the sun will still rise tomorrow and human nature will just be the same..