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Unfortunately we have cretins like this who are of the opinion that physical abuse against men is funny..

Male bashing is hilarious. NOT ANY MORE..

Go to the Youtube site and give them your opinion and they deserve whatever they get. This is the type of abusive messages we have to put an end to..

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Zomato Ads promulgate abuse of men

Recent ads by Zomato portal of restaurants has sparked off fresh doubts on the safety of men in the society. Abuse of men is so rampant in the society that it is - "Too obvious to be as good as oblivious". This is clearly evident from the inaction of the society on married men topping the list of suicides year over year. Being consistent with the existing male hatred in the society, Zomato has come up with an ad campaign for promoting their new-year bashes wherein, in every ad the husband/boyfriend is slapped by his woman and this is being projected as form of acceptable social treatment towards men. However, in reality the ad is highly sexist in nature and needs not only to be taken off-air but Info Edge, the Venture Capitalists behind Zomato Group must be taken to task for sponsoring promulgation of male hatred in the society.
Look at the ads below for yourself and decide - "Do you want your sons/brothers to be treated like this?"

Help with the effort..We Men Site..

Other site involved in the war against male abuse..