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The Men's Rights Movement..
Part of the problem with fighting for the rights of Men is the total frustration the we encounter when we think that nothing much is happening. The same frustration felt when Fathers face family courts and watch their children taken away by an uncaring and contrived system who claim to act for the best interest of the children. Nothing is ofcourse farther from the truth. That same frustration hits Men's Rights Activists and it can change their attitude or even stop them from proceeding.

What most people do not see is the forest for the trees. I told you I like them metaphors. Seriously, when one stands back and has a good look at what is happening now compared to what was happening over the last five years, one would be proud, one would notice the overall change in attitude and the feminasties are well aware of it and their desperation is showing. Canadian Feminists tried to ban all Men's Rights sites on the web as they were getting too much correction on their lies and misinformation. Their desperation was glowing red. One main act of desperation on feminisms part was the introduction of the "Good Men Project", a comical farce introduced by feminists to try and halt the rise of forums and sites aimed at men. That site was introduced in order to raise the level of hypocrisy and false information that feminists were already introducing on a daily level. But it was too little, too late..

Feminism has already lost and now they are just trying to save some semblance of their hegemony so the funding will continue to flow and even that will come to an end as the country can no longer afford the billions to support their lunacy and sexist practises..

The other obvious method used to gauge whether or not feminism and their male hating messaging is on the decline is what happens when companies generate "male hate" advertising and how the general public responds to it. This is not anything that is confessed or stated, no company wants to admit that they got their message wrong and alienated their customers but this is exactly what happened with PepsiCO..

A Lesson for PEPSICO..

There are millions of men who are resentful of the misandry for every member who spends time on MRA web sites. For example, last February PepsiCo ran a men bashing commercial on the Superbowl broadcast. The cows who run PepsiCo thought it was "funny" to have men being humiliated and kicked in the nuts. They blew off the few hundred of us who wrote to them about their misandry. But within 2 months a million men had switched brands. Pepsi sales dropped to 3rd place in cola behind Coke and Diet Coke. The drop in sales had only cost them about $3,000,000 for a couple of minutes bashing men on Superbowl. 

It is an old truth taught in Business classes at Universities. For every customer who complains there are more than 100 who just go buy somewhere else. The moral taught in business school is that every single customer complaint is a serious representation of a big mistake by the company and should be listened to because managers will never hear from the mass of unhappy customers. PepsiCo learned that lesson the hard way when they ignored those of us who took time to complain about their misandry. Politicians and young women are behind the curve listening, but are suffering the consequences for their deafness.

What I'm saying is that for every one of the hundred thousand men who read MRA sites daily, there are a hundred, or a thousand, or a million other men who live in frustration with femiNazi dominated society, who are turning away from companies, products, and politicians that promote feminist misandry. We are winning in the hearts and minds of MEN. Keep up the good work.
H/T Bob..