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As noted in the previous post, Tom Martin is in the process of taking the London School of Economics to court and the date has been set (A court hearing date has now been set, for February 14th, 2012.)

Tom recognised the blatant anti-male hatred generated by "Gender Studies" courses. The "Gender Studies" subject is run and promoted by rabid feminists whose main intention is to malign and denigrate the entire male sex and it is a subject that most males must attend, if they want to succeed..

This technique has been elevated over the last couple of years as we witness feminist liars and hypocrites like Hillary Clinton in the US and Lynn Featherstone in England, who cannot resist maligning all men and casting them into one generalised basket. If you watched the video that Tom Martin produced, you will witness that blatant hate and ignorance by the victimhood princesses who claim that "no discrimination exists against men". These are "educated" females who are supposed to know better but have spent years being indoctrinated into the feminist lies and exaggerations. They in turn will go forth to spread that same hate message without ever realising that they have been hoodwinked and nothing assures it's longevity better than ensuring jobs for these so called experts..

Feminism is that entrenched in the educational system, they are now offering doctorates in hate and malice. Once does have to wonder why any individual would want to spend their entire life hating an entire sex based on nothing but here-say, negativity and assumed discrimination. The arrogance and ignorance of those women is mind blowing, incomprehensible..

 Tom Martin wishes to represent himself in court which is fine as he is an intelligent, bright and resourceful man but it has mostly been the case that anyone who is not familiar with the law does not stand a hope in hell of winning any case. I would imagine that Tom just cannot afford a good legal representative and has no other option by to do the hard yards himself..

We need to help Tom win this case for all types of reasons, the main one being that it will stop feminism dead in it's tracks, as this case will set precedence in civil law. Civil law is followed by all western countries and so this will spread to America, Australia and Europe. We have to make it a priority for Tom to win this case by supporting him and ensuring he gets the best legal help available. Help Tom to Win..

Donate Ten Dollars or more, something, anything is better than nothing..

Request by Tom Martin..

I can tell you, I could do with both money, and other kinds of support too.
I want to be able to get out there and do one more video before the court hearing, so any camera operator/editors in London who don’t mind working for free, please email me.
Any law students with an interest in discrimination/contract/education law who would like to offer their advise and support can do so too. In the county court, I am entitled to have an adviser with me, who need not be a qualified lawyer. Although I have represented myself when filing the legal papers, and plan to do that in court too, I am open to pro bono representation from any qualified individual who wants this opportunity to make a name for themselves with this high-profile case.
But most of all, I do need further donations. People probably don’t realize, to bring a discrimination case, takes reference to an average of 25 law books.
My case is potentially even more complicated, because it incorporates contract law, advertising law, and education law too.
It is extremely time-consuming and labour-intensive, and I want to be able to afford to focus 100% of my efforts on the case – hence the appeal for more money.