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As I have done in the past, I relentlessly encouraged anyone to start a blog in favour of the Men Movement to spread the word around, I thought I would show you what to expect as far as the hit rates are concerned..

There are other methods to spread the word around ofcourse. I have a few people who go about the internet promoting this blog and it's articles for which I am very grateful. The message is getting out and about and here are some results from three of my blogs that I have introduced of the last year or three with hits rates to demonstrate the interest created..

Highest Daily Hit Rate 2099 Hits

Highest Daily Hit Rate 3474 Hits

Highest Daily Hit Rate 7132 Hits

WMASAW (this blog)
Highest Daily Hit Rate is near 10,000 Hits

So overall hits rate on one single day is over 22,000 hits..

As you can see, hit rate is surprising and just incredible, I did not imagine these figures when I first commenced this blog (originally 50 hits per week)..

So those figures are astounding and they are achievable. Blogger does offer a free blogging platform with new templates which appear to have a good acceptance rate and I have applied those templates to  most of the above blogs but will not apply it to this main blog as the options, like the right hand side bar with links, does not have any equivalent section on the new templates. While that is not available, it is not an option to change over. I am not sure what the thinking is behind the new blog designs  but I would imagine it has something to do with controlling links and bandwidth..

The practise of commencing blogs and sustaining the hit rates requires a good understanding of the search engines parameters and what it is they look for. Search engines are primarily there to provide the best service to the customers and that's you. They will grade, test and place your site according to the information supplied and the question asked by the users. So it is important that anyone starting out does understand and comprehend it's operation which is why my knowledge in programming, internet site and page design, assists immensely in that quest. Although on a few occasion in the past, one must wonder..

So if your thinking about increasing the exposure of Men's Issues on the web, let me know and I will share with you my knowledge in achieving a good outcome. Be warned, you do need to have a good knowledge of XHTML/HTML1-5, CSS 1-3 and all those appropriate recently updated versions. That would be priority number one. Plenty of sites available for lessons and the best would be  W3 Org..

Good luck with it and it is worth the effort to see a great end result..