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Why would feminists as well as radical lesbian feminists, demand that men become more female..

Surely, when we have a look at the dysfunctional behaviour of female feminists and their penchant for minutiae management, one would wonder why any member of either sex would want men to behave like a woman..

The  argument is ofcourse absurd as it is not possible for a male to be a female and vice versa, for several reason.

1. Female's brains are connected differently, just in case you wanted that explanation.
2. Female's biology is sufficiently different from males, for it to be noticeable..
3. Females have always coerced men to take care of any issues they have with other men.
4. The obvious ignored factor about women is that they have a menstrual cycle which physically and emotively affects their purview to life from radical to minor. This is one issue feminists prefer to totally ignore and do so deliberately, cannot admit a flaw..
5. The female's world is based on responses and reactions. Their entire mental makeup is tuned to such a degree as to notice an imperceptible (to men) change in physiology in the person she is communicating with. Introducing a complete change in responses..
6. Females preferences for the now, the present and the past is directly opposite to men's long term and overall view.
7, Females demand for social interaction, where a male can easily be a hermit, naturally.
8. Females ongoing and endless demand for validation from their social circle and others in her contact cycle..
9. Females endless penchant to justify and blame others for her own bad or indifferent behaviour.
10. Females total indifference to anyone outside their own sex unless it is to her benefit..

A Male needs to be a female has got to the be the longest stretch anyone could possibly demand. How would a male work out how to automatically, emotionally, manipulate a partner if the physiological signatures cannot be identified. How could a male learn to manipulate when women use their vaginas as a bargaining tool to achieve their own selfish outcomes..

All those questions are not answered by feminists as they pursue a direct course to feminise males in  being "more female", under the guise that women somehow are not the obnoxious manipulators and controllers they deny them to be. Feminists own action belies that exact point..

The circus that is feminism totally ignores the fact that women are violent, abusive, manipulating specialists and have been for millennium and yet they want to introduce the blatant lie that women are or is, the superior being when in actual fact they do not match in intelligence, fitness, strength or honour and dignity, within a bulls roar of any male. As a matter of fact, honour and dignity are foreign to the majority of their sex..
Privilege, self promotion and narcism replaces any traits that would dignify that sex.

Even women will admit to be indifferent to their own sex and prefer the company of men as the difference is noticeable and wanted. Women are also very aware of the behaviour and abuse other women are capable of. This lesson can be learnt at the next sale..