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I have often wondered why women need to praise their own on so many occasions as to make the effort blatantly trite and as well as being insignificant, but why lie thru your teeth by telling someone something that they already know is a total exaggeration at the best of times. Strangely enough, there would not be one single female on the face of this planet who looks forward to her fortieth birthday, let alone be reminded that it's coming..
"We're welcoming an era in which 50 is the new 34," says Emma Soames, editor-at-large of Saga Magazine. Having just turned 60 herself, and happily so, she looks at women a decade younger than herself with a mixture of pride, pleasure and relief. "This new 2010 generation can look forward to another 30 years of active life, while the generation born a hundred years ago were within a few years of the end of theirs at 50. They don't feel their age."
I could never understand this endless requirement. Fifty is definitely not 34, even in your wildest dreams but here they are lying about it. Why bother, it borders on the pathological. Living in denial appears to be a precondition for old age, where the "ladies" are concerned..

Lets have a look as some true stats, not the doctored, delusional drivel that passes as facts these days. Not the "Sex in the City" neuroses. Nope, out of the mouths of babes..
on this site they use the data collected from the 7 million users of their website to spot trends
This is gonna be painful as well as enlightening..

So outright lying appears to be the order of the day. The blatant, economical with the truth, statement  in the nonsensical article above would indicate that  it's hogwash, "they don't feel their age" commentary can now be placed in the same container as "I didn't feel a thing" or how about "It was the best thing I ever did". self delusion works wonders. It may well be the case that the odd one or two could possibly think that getting older doesn't suck but I have my doubts. So going along the lines of the "50's" being reborn again, things get even more interesting as we graph along..

Exhibit C 
Looks The final thing I want to address is looks, because I think that is guys' most fundamental worry about dating someone older. There's no doubt that younger people are are more physically attractive—indeed in many ways beauty and youth are inextricable. That's why most of the models you see in magazines are teenagers, and turn-back-the-clock surgeries like face-lifts are so popular. There's no getting around this fact, and I don't want to hide it:

So another negative notch in the belt of life, just incase you were wondering about the obvious. To most of us, all this is just standard knowledge, so it's not anything that we have not witnessed or heard of before. But it does once again demonstrate the farce that is introduced by magazine articles and online hit gropers, who would sell their soul for another hit, introduce misinformation for the sake of a creating discontent and breeding dissatisfaction, but I am a little more cynical than that about this rather egotistic topic. Why would one deliberately lie or exaggerate to listeners or readers if there was not an ulterior motive involved. Maybe to introduce a different reason to be dissatisfied with one's life or to try and introduce a new thinking paradigm in order to introduce a new range of products or seeking more clients for plastic surgeons, I really have no idea. Maybe you can think of the reason as the entire topic appears to me to be as irrelevant as it is ridiculous. If you have not got life sorted by the time your fifty, then what hope has you got, to think that getting older, will improve that. It's all in the mind and it always will be..

In other words, given that nobody is drop-dead gorgeous or drop-dead hideous, your average 25 year-old is roughly as good-looking as your average 35 year-old.for the vast majority of men, dating the absolute hottest girls isn't realisticYes, throwing out the prettiest of the pretty young things is a clumsy handicap to put on an age-by-age comparison. But at the same time, for the vast majority of men, the best-looking women are simply out of reach, so it's actually accurate to exclude them as possibilities. 

It would appear to all balance out as the graph shows, it's all about the "in the eye of the beholder" method that will ensure that there is indeed someone out there to suit you or your preferred destination in life. But knowledge is better than ignorance as we witness the never ending desperate measures people take to ensure that they will not end up being on their own and that there will be someone out there, if that is the goal..

One last graph and the most important and one that should NEVER be ignored..

How often do you get tested for STDs?

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