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It is quite true that once you read something it cannot be erased. One is affected by what one reads as it give the thought processes a pathway and applies emotive responses when it hits a certain level of association, be that good or bad. Having wallowed through the utterly obnoxious and hate infused trash that Agent Orange has dug up from that rabbit hole called RADFEM Hub, one can only be sickened to a personal level. To read that level of hate language is not something I would recommend as it does affect you in ways that you would prefer not to go through..

Those rants and ragings are worse than anyone could possibly imagine. It is better to avoid the view of a group of women so evil in their outlook as to affect your normal view of society. You may have once thought that that level of evil did not exist. So unless you are a glutton for punishment, it would be better to avoid such hate and malice..

It will change your outlook on life..