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Australia's Feminist Gillard..
As we have witnessed the unending loathing and hate generating feminism at work, this is supposed to be an equal opportunity movement but instead it's more about extermination, child murdering, terrorism while encouraging the bombing of Men's Sheds around the world. These feminists are not a minority, they are precisely what Feminism is all about. It is a hate movement of such proportions that one would have to wonder why anyone would regard themselves being any type of feminist at all..

It is now the excepted fact that Feminism is as far from equality than a certain dictator was admiring the athletic ability of Jesse Owens. Feminism does not deserve any support or attention as this is primarily what that hate movement is all about..

A recent example of the interest those haters have received and the ongoing attention they will warrant is indicated here on this sample screen image. They are few, as their hit rates indicate..