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Spread the word and make it go viral..

Helping the Agent Orange Files Go Viral

I have gathered, for your convenience, some contact information that will help in spreading the word about the Radgate Wikileaks. First, here are the top ten newspapers in the USA, by circulation:

Before discovering the resource linked above, I had gotten specific addresses, firstly for the New York Times. . .

. . . and secondly for the Washington Post:

All right, here is a list of hundreds of newspapers in Australia:

And some Newspapers in New Zealand:

Newspapers in Canada:

Newspapers in the U.K.:

Newspapers in India:

I guess it doesn't hurt to let politicians hear about this. That way, they can't pretend they don't know. First how to get ahold ofgovernment critters in the USA:

And now, MPs in the UK:

MPs in Canada:

MPs in Australia:

MPs in New Zealand:

MPs in India:

Now, here are some well-known journalistic entities that I looked up -- and I was not over-particular about political orientation, in case anybody is wondering. What counted was, that I thought these individuals were potential megaphones. Yes...publicity is good!

Matt Drudge:
(Use the contact form at lower right, where it says "send news tips...".)

Phyllis Schlafly:

Michelle Malkin:
(Note: Michelle says, "if you have a news tip, put TIP in the subject line".)

Rush Limbaugh:

Glenn Beck:
Glenn Beck himself.
Exec producer and head writer for Glenn Beck.

All right, remember that publicity is good, and also that redundancy is the meat of the matter. So if these entities get plenty of mail on the same subject, it will boost the odds of them taking it seriously.