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Danielle Pynnonen (Allecto) Kat Pinder (Amazon Malecrusher).
As we have witnessed and promoted, the RADFEM Hub forum, which we have exposed, has a member who goes under the name of Allecto. The tyrannical lesbian feminist has been exposed for stating some rather murderous intentions that she would like to do to young boys, who by the way, are in her care. She is a Child Care worker in Perth, Western Australia.

Danielle Pynnonen: Your child, her rapist

Danielle Pynnonen is a child care worker participating at the feminist website Radfem Hub, under the username “Allecto.” Of the threads captured by the MRA: Agent Orange, the one beginning with “I’ll just rape you” was Pynnonen’s.  This shocking item of dialog was attributed to a 9 year old boy under Pynnonen’s professional care as a child care worker.
The boy apparently made this remark after being manipulated by a girl his own age into stating his affection for her, and having been rebuffed after his admission.
According to Pynnonen, who claims to have brought the incident up with her professional peers and supervisors, “I was told in no uncertain terms that Ms. Harrassment Victim was sexually precocious and like [sic] to draw attention to herself and it was her fault that this was happening to her and that she was in the early stages of being experimental with her sexual power over boys.” This is Pynnonen’s characterization of what she was told, and which she followed with “Fuck that for fucked up shit!!!!!”
The child-care worker’s reactionary rejection of her supervisor’s alleged explanation appears to be based on a failure by her bosses to classify a 9 year old boy as a predator, and to attribute developing manipulative skill to a 9 year old girl. This evaluation being at odds with Pynnonen’s preferred dogma of the innate evil of males. Even outside the field of child care, it’s widely understood that girls develop socially ahead of boys, so even allowing for the bias of a self identified radical feminist, Pynnonen’s outrage is hard to grasp.
What’s harder still to address is the attitude of a professional child care worker towards a pre-adolescent boy whose behavior she finds unacceptable. Why is a statement by a nine year boy such a source of terror and outrage to an adult? Why is his objectionable statement not simply a matter for the gentle correction that professional childcare workers are called on to provide on a routine basis for boys and girls?

Written byJohn the Other

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Danielle Pynnonen is one of the organisers of the SCUM Manifesto Conference held in Perth West. Australia. in September 2011. Here is the poster for that event..

An event that was designed to attract radical feminists to plan, scheme and plot the demise of men and boys. To plot how to destroy the Men's Sheds, introduce anarchy and destroy as few other things that only raging lunatics would even discuss. It's all in the poster, look for yourself..

A response from one of the commenters at AVfM..

I make this appeal:
to the mothers and fathers of children who have the misfortune of encountering Ms Pynnonen in her professional capacity as a “social worker’ – a title rendered truly Orwellian by her, to protest in the strongest terms as to her continued involvement in the care of children. At the very least, remove your children from her charge as a matter of the utmost urgency in order to deny her any further opportunity to injure them.
to the organisation which employs Ms Pynnonen, please investigate and take the necessary disciplinary steps to hold her to account for her actions, which almost certainly will include serious professional misconduct.
to anyone who works with Ms Pynnonen, or counts her as one of their friends: Your colleague and friend is deranged and her proclivities ought to render her a pariah in your community; for the benefit of us all, especially our children, please shun her.
to the agencies of justice and law enforcement, please do your job in protecting our children from the vile and hateful philosophy of feminism, as embraced by Ms Pynnonen.
to the Women’s studies programmes in our colleges and universities: Although you must be really really proud of your alumni, Ms Pynnonen, as she seems to reflect in her views some of the very nasty values of your feminist bigotry; please desist in the dissemination of this vile creed.
There is one small bright spot, however, as the silver lining in this otherwise exceedingly sordid affair may prove to be the awakening of the masses of men and women to a cancer that we have benignly allowed to grow virulently at the heart of our society, which has spawned a sinister coven of latter day witches who, like Ms Pynnonen, are seriously intent on perpetrating violence upon our children.