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GWW (Girl Writes What) states some very important points in relation to Systemic Gender Violence. That entire mentality that has been instituted by feminists into every walk of live, soon it will be in every society.
Only female comfort is important and men's anything is totally irrelevant..

Having exposed the lunatic rantings from the RADFEM Hub and the ongoing exposure of radical feminists, denied and ignored by supposed "fun" feminists, even though they support that movement in every fashion. Be it financially, legally and morally, including white knighted males and ignorant enablers, who prefer to ignore the violence that feminism introduces across our entire society.Those supporters should to be held just as accountable as those radical feminists..

Their support ensures those anti-male laws are excepted and legalised. Their efforts are on par, as they live in denial, but still claim that there is no bias or male hate promoted. Those people are the result of feminist doctrinal training that ignores anything that does not support one sex and thereby ignores and blatantly introduces sexism and discrimination against the other. They still refuse to accept that obvious and blatant fact..

 One comment made in relation to this video apart from it's expose of the feminist hate movement and it's mindset. "Is this video too little,too late", to even slow the systemic bias and hate introduced. Unless politicians and political parties are informed or are told to stop ignoring men's issues maybe we can stop those radicals from completely destroying society and turning every nation into another Sweden..

 I would urge all viewers to use the links to this site and the RADFEM Exposed site to spread the message whenever and wherever you can. Unless people are informed, they will never be aware of the monstrous actions of this movement, that feminists and their enablers are taking under the guise of equality, when it is blatantly obvious that it has never been the case or their aim..