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Another ego trip for the privileged princesses as we have another survey amongst the million already generated about "what women want". Every time they release one of these surveys they add additional information and never fail to mention those additional privileges women have already forced onto employers and governments to ensure their demands are met and as far as I can tell, most of those additional privileges apply only to their selfish arses..

The other issues that these "What do women want" surveys again state is the bleeding obvious and that is, the ideal environment for the majority of women is marriage, kids, a part time job and a home with the ubiquitous picket fence with a hardworking ATM carrier installed, even though feminists continually lie about that obvious and studied fact. Feminists want women in the work force as they know it will kill the family and stop women from having kids and being homebodies,  which is a position they hate with a passion. They want normal women to be as miserable as them..

When was the last time you heard "feminists just want to have fun", ha, they wouldn't know how..
Women's Ambition: A Surprising Report
MORE partnered with the Polling Company/WomenTrend to ask women what they really want from their careers. Flexibility? Advancement? Our exclusive findings will surprise you.
The only surprise about this report was that there was no surprise at all. It's surprise-less..
Since the 1970s, women have poured into the American workplace—and now we're at a crossroads. Stymied in our efforts to advance, confused about how to manage both a full personal life and a promising career, women are asking two questions: “Is it possible?” and “Is it worth it?” Their answers will surprise you.
 Yep, they have ventured forth, tasted how life really sucks when working 40 hours plus every week. They have all come to the same agreement and that is "f*ck that", They don't want it. There are always exceptions ofcourse and those exceptions is what these types of surveys concentrate on plus ofcourse throw in the usual feminist mantras about how hard it is for those poor little babies and how impossible it is for them to be automatically promoted into the top jobs. When in reality they have neither the experience, knowledge, determination or the need to spend sixty hours plus a week to succeed, They want "flexi-time" and the right to determine what effort they put into the position..
For More's third annual workplace report, we partnered with the Polling Company/WomanTrend to survey women nationwide about their attitudes toward their jobs. The responses make clear that in the search for balance, women are sacrificing ambition. When asked point-blank, 43 percent of women described themselves as less ambitious now than they were 10 years ago; only 15 percent reported feeling more ambitious. The exception is African-American women, who are twice as likely as average to say they are more ambitious.
The other issue that arises here also is the "Black Female" problem. Not only do those females have the highest number of single moms (over 70%) but they are also determined to ensure that our black bros keep looking abroad or settling with women outside their own culture. Such a charming bunch of females they are. For more information on the abhorrent nature and behaviour of black females, ask one of your bros..
Declining ambition among women is a trend, says Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute, which performs nationwide studies tracking workplace issues. Galinsky points out that though in 1992, 40 percent of women ages 35 to 44 said they wanted a job with more responsibility, by 2008 that figure had fallen to 35 percent. “With the recession, the threat of terrorist attacks, the natural disasters we've been living through—all of this makes us ask, ‘What are our values? What's important to us?’ ” she says. “And what I hear people say all the time is, ‘When I'm sick and in the hospital, my job isn't going to hold my hand.’ ”
In order to install women into positions they have changed the curriculum at schools, including Colleges and University to favour women. Medical schools are the worst and the most sexist when it comes to females wanting to become doctors. A glaring and obvious fact is that female doctors will opt out at 30 to spawn, while men are denied positions that costs society one and a half million dollars to train one doctor alone. Women are given priority and meanwhile we have a major doctor shortage while those selfish females just drop out..

Meanwhile the world just gets sicker..