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Womyn's Stuff apparently..
On numerous occasions, the RADFEM Hub feminist members speak of a festival called the 'Michigan Womyn's Music Festival', a popular occasion, their Mecca, amongst lesbian feminists and strictly off  limits to transvestites ofcourse, as they hate them with a passion, as they are not "real" women as far as they are concerned..

As a matter of fact, even being (or have been at any time in the past) in a heterosexual relationship has your browny marks reduced to zero. That would be contamination as far as they are concerned. Those radical feminists, who is part of the Feminist Movement, are really just an inevitable response of a movement that promotes hate and malice to anyone outside their own sex..

In order to witness the sickening loathing and hate they generate, one would not have to look long at their endless rantings. Part of their mindless programs begin with the total annihilation of an entire sex which one wonders if that is not self-destroying and self defeating, but that has escaped their mindless raging as they continually discuss methods of completing that task..

Bare in mind too, that Pamela O'Shaughnessy is a member of this group under the guise of Karma. Her maniacal lecturing and support for the extermination of all males is not restricted to adults as she includes the introduction of eugenics (just like that dictator did) into her many and varied recommendations and long term goals..

There would not be a site or forum on the net that would surpass the deep seated hate and maniacal loathing of these women, these feminist females have for the opposite sex..
Here is a sample of the deep seated loathing that "pretend" feminists ignore and deny..
 Disrespect is crucial. Disrespect for the cultures, values and institutions of male domination is the very foundation and sine qua non of feminism. Since religion is crucial to the construction of cultural norms in every culture, disrespect for it should be the natural amniotic fluid of feminist thought and activism.Sheila Jeffreys is an academic and writer, originally from London, who teaches in Australia. She has been a rad fem activist for 38 years.
So moving on, we have Hugo Schwyzer organising "Slutwalk LA" for the simple reason of having  plenty of young, nubile, willing females on hand, for him to practise (as the feminist call it, PIV- penis in vagina) sex with them. An accusation he has not only verified himself but blatantly brags about on his blog. What a great example for an almost "human being"..
Here is an article penned by one of the lunatic fringe members at RADFEM Hub called " Steering the Sluts", apply named I thought..

Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk
self-identified feminist man and fun-fem darling hugo schwyzer reports on his blog that he is ”proud to be a part” of the steering committee organizing the los angeles SlutWalk, scheduled to take place june 4, 2011.
according to professor schwyzer, “We’re marching to reclaim a word, we’re marching to declare zero tolerance for harassment and sexual abuse, we’re marching in defense of the basic notion that whatever women wear and whomever they sleep with,

And for those who are of the opinion that Schwyzer has any scruples at all..
FCM (Hello Mindy).... hugo admits on his blog that he “used to” have PIV with female students (including on his professorial-office desk) during what he euphemistically refers to as his “acting out years.”  what a rebel!  a college professor, teaching womens studies and womens history to women, acting out his aggressions and dysfunctions on the bodies of his female students by having PIV with them,
A great example of pure hypocrisy. Schwyzer is in it for the sex (PIV) and female attention, just like most feminist men are..

Lesbian separatist feminism at Michigan Womyn’s music festival

  1. Kath Browne
    1. University of Brighton, UK,


This paper attends to the 35 years of learning From Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Questionnaire, interview and focus group data from the 2006 festival are used to examine: the physical and social creation of feminist separatism at the site of the festival; lesbian cultures, and the lessons and learning of Michfest, all of which create contemporary womyn’s space. The paper thus offers insights into some of the positive contemporary manifestations of lesbian feminist separatisms ‘on the land’ and concludes by contesting oppositional positioning of lesbian feminisms and post-feminism.