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Bernard hits the "MRA's are the enemy" scenario, reaching for the fourth estate, all four dimensions of it. Fascinating how gay men are of the opinion that they are seen as humans where feminists are concerned. I am not quite certain how many more times we have to demonstrate that feminists loathe gays, with a passion, the male type ofcourse, not the lesbobo version..

Check the RedFem Hub site for confirmation, if you can handle the sheer nastiness and vitriol, that is..

Feminists have jumped aboard the Gay Rights Movement in order to spread their own male hating message. A message that the Gay Community appears to ignore. When feminists call for the removal of all men, the Gay man is definitely not exempted, I cannot understand how they can be in denial of  that fact, that certainty..
Feminists are only concerned about destroying marriage and families and the Gay community can help there as well by demanding that marriage should be renounced as null and void. It's worked very well for feminism as most are totally convinced that they actually give a damn..

Feminists should stop stitching up gay designers

This theory has never been challenged, becoming the sole socially acceptable line in homophobic thought. But it is not acceptable. It is simply bile hawked up from the darkest cavity of feminism's lungs. Why then is the argument such pernicious nonsense?
Feminism and feminists only support lesbianism as most of the radical feminists are lesbians and they possess sufficient toxicity and male hate in order to spread their anti male loathing. They attached themselves to any movement they think they will have some advantage or benefit to spreading their elitist, sexist message..

So we have delusional male imitators like Rudolfo, another twisted, delusional member of the gay community who requires some cold hard facts just like we have had to show other feminist manginas..

Ignore these warning at your own peril. Feminists will dump you faster than typhoid when they have achieved their own outcomes. It's that simple..