Notice the article uses harassed, even though in quotes to prevent a 100% statement that she was harassed, the content and article were biased of course.

In reading the article I noticed that after a time she "went out sick" and was diagnosed with "PTSD", and of course was collecting disability payments. When she refused to go back to work, the city started to look for other positions for her.

Would the city look for work for a male firefighter who couldn't hack it? HELL NO!! They'd fire his arse in a heartbeat.

"According to documents from a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal case initiated by Rush, the city tried to find her a job outside the fire department at her doctor's request. But the city said Rush delayed discussions repeatedly and by the time she was ready to return to work, there was only one vacancy she was qualified for.

“All they could come up with is a building service position, which is essentially a janitor position,” she said."

She waited for the goodie bag of (female) benefits she supposedly thought she was entitled to, and lost it all because she procrastinated and was holding out for a cushy job handed to her on a silver platter by the city since she was one of the the few, the elite female firefighters in B.C.

"But Rush admits she may have run out of time and options."

“I don’t think [the union] will help me now, but anything’s worth a shot."

She got pink slipped because she wouldn't work, refused work, refused a job HANDED to her. She used the system and doctors to try to force the system into her idea of work, which was collecting a pay check while doing nothing.

As she said above, she's out of options.

The system actually worked for once in a gender equal capacity.

Being a firefighter requires a certain mentality and willingness to just get the job done. Scrounging for benefits and a no-work pay check because you have a vagina is incompatible with fighting fires and fire prevention duties.

She could be put in charge of rescuing cats from trees and roofs. Judging by her behavior and her work ethic, I think she'll need the company.