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It would appear that we are no longer to be ignored, wonders never cease when that male hating organ of feminist malice comes out of it's gender studies alarmism and actually makes a confession. Never a word about feminists and feminism being the main instigators and ongoing culprits as that would be expecting way too much and why be honest when a lie is sufficient..

Domestic Violence Ad Implies Only Men Are AbusersA men's rights group is protesting a recent anti-domestic violence PSA sponsored by Verizon. And for once, I kind of agree with them.
So what is this, an admission, a confession or just a minor hick-up in the feminists war against men, finally forced to admit their misandry and malice. The longer they deny that feminism is a hate movement, the more credibility they loose..

 But we have this feminist actually stating the obvious, it is half the population who has been maligned and accused while the other half is just ignored and denied..

Professional male hater MichaĆ«lle Jean, former governor general, Canada.
“Women’s rights are not special rights; women’s rights are human rights,” Ms. Jean said. “To me denying more than half of the world’s population the most basic human rights, including the right to live in security, is the most flagrant form of subjugation and one of the worst scandals of our time.”
Are feminists now making our claims easier or are they just maintaining their ignorance and denial. Who knows, denying that women are violent when all indications, the witnesses, the facts are right there in front of them, begs believe. Feminist credibility has been shot to hell and back. How much longer can they really keep denying the obvious..

Dr. Phil Investigates, Exposes Truth in False Allegations CaseNovember 16th, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

Dr Phil cannot be trusted to tell the truth as he visits the same methodology as Oprah "Find The Victim"  used to malign men and boys to her gullible and often totally biased female audience. The doctor has demonstrated clearly in the past that he is "Pro Woman" in all his activities and has consistently ignored and maligned the male sex as well. So the above article from Fathers and Families is something of a surprise..