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I only caught this for the last 20 minutes or so, but it's the special Agent Orange episode. Plenty of information and future activities explained as well. If you are part of the MM or a practicing MRA, you have a duty to expose this RADFEM Hub members, use the listed names and write letters, emails, make phone calls to those Univesities who employ those lunatics and expose them for what they really are..

Use every possible means at your disposal to spread this information far and wide. Tell everyone you know, email friends and relatives, write to your local newspaper, contact the major media outlets. Make every possible effort to make sure this does not get swept under the carpet..

We finally have the ammunition to demonstrate beyond argument that FEMINISM IS A HATE MOVEMENT. No one can deny that and if they do, they promote that exact same hate and gendercide that those exposed Feminists already have..

Go for it. This time, you are operating from a much higher level of authority than you have ever done before.. write, phone, create posters if you live anywhere near any of those sadists and expose them to the public as well. Posters in all public areas should do the trick and ofcourse do not forget those Universities where they work. Get them sacked, replaced, thrown out the door where they belong..

Have a listen to the radio program with Agent Orange and the rest of the Lads..
(Program may still be on air, wait for it to close in approx 20 minutes from now)

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