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I could wax lyrical on this subject for the rest of the year and not have to repeat one single item, study or article.

Women Are Aggressors in Household Violence Too

It is a know fact to everyone except those ignorant feminists who choose to ignore that issue as they pursue the "All Women are Victims" mantra. A subject that does appear to be a losing reality as more and more studies and facts hit the public arena. Those of you who have witnessed female violence at home or when out and about (Nightclubs etc.) already know the truth of it. The feminist hegemony is saturated with lesbian feminists, they too would be well aware of the fact that lesbians (they would be females too, I am thinking) smack the bejesus out of each other even more than heterosexual couples do, and that's a fact as well..
The notion among feminists, lesbians - among women in general - is that this is a male problem. It's part of an older lesbian-feminist paradigm which says most of the problems in the world come from men and if we could isolate ourselves from them, then things would be kind of idyllic. It's not true. But people in lesbian communities don't want to talk about that publicly. It's like airing dirty laundry. Source: Ros Davidson, " Gay-on-Gay Violence: The gay community's dirty secret - domestic violence - is finally coming out of the closet," Salon Magazine, February 27, 1997.
Feminists destroy anti-abortion protest..

But they keep promoting the lies and misinformation like there are still people around who are stupid enough to believe their biased erroneous claims..

The interesting part about the article is the responses as that particular article makes some spurious claims as female journalists do, like 
"Perhaps it began with early female action figures. Perhaps with "Charlie's Angels." Or maybe with scores of elementary girls playing soccer, or with older girls playing contact sports at elite levels."
Erm, NO. It is not like females have all of a sudden become abusive, they have been abusive all along. It is recognised more as MRAs have continually demonstrated and exposed, unquestionable facts. But it's not the part of reality that feminists and female journalists want to highlight, they prefer to bury it under the carpet and live in denial as they have done all along..
Most likely we will never know exactly how or when it became okay to talk about female aggression--female-to-female aggression and female-to-male aggression. Whatever its origins, this new narrative is challenging the once omnipresent scenario of the male violent aggressor–passive female victim scenario. It is now increasingly acceptable to talk openly about female aggression and to conduct serious research on this topic.
So realisation has finally surfaced and the truth must now be stated..
We now know that women-on-women aggression is far from rare and that women are often the initiators of male-female aggression. Surveys of U.S. households have found rates of wife-to-husband violence "remarkably similar" to those of husband-to-wife violence. And an early cross-cultural survey did not find that men were significantly more aggressive than women.
 So we have the responses to the article, laying out the truth -

What saddens me is the aggressive rejection experienced by victims whose only crime is being the wrong gender or, even more pitifully, being abused by somebody of the wrong gender. What clinically depresses me is victims being called liars and/or laughed at by services promising to help victims. What angers me is the ongoing parade of female sexual abusers being treated as a victim and NEVER punished. What makes me borderline murderous is the woman who rapes a twelve year old boy and then gets child support from her victim with the help of government agencies and lawyers.
I hope you and others enjoy your political and legal shenanigans way up there in your air conditioned ergonomic offices. I get to see and deal with the real casualties and it is not pretty. We're sick to death of the lies. We're sick to death of gender political doctrine erasing victims from view. Look inside yourself critically for a change. If your allegiances to women are what drives you rather than concern for all victims then get the h*ll away from ANYTHING to do with victims. Every lie you allow inevitably hurts another victim somewhere.
"Blaming women is such a cottage industry I guess it's hard not to make money on it when we can."
This did the trick though. Eusticia must be weeping at the cynicism done in her name.

" Women could surely find ways to actually physically harm their male partner, but, do not"
This dialogue is simply false.
According to
women are only somewhat more likely to be injured, and constitute 62% of those injured in dv.
It is strange to see you to juggle the idea of women being weak/helpless while at the same time realizing that women are not incapable idiots. Surely you can put two and two together, and see that the since women are capable of hurting a man, and some of them are aggressive, that some women will injure men by means of surprise, weapons, drugs, or sleep.
And I hope you do not seriously mean to say that hitting someone without injuring them is not damaging. Not only is that bad in and of itself, but it can lead to escalation and it will damage the children who see it.
You only help men and women by being honest about the problem and stopping the cycle.

The other interesting issue is, as Kim Kardashian demonstrates, if a male were to hat a female as hard as she does to him, I would imagine the end result being different as well. It comes down to the bulk and strength issue. Most women have a problems squatting lies and therefore are seen to be weaklings. They would be in the minority as not all are fawning doves but that's the image they preserve and protect for self preservation..

They were responding to this usual bit of misandry. It is part of large response but one does not have to guess which hegemony she comes from..
Submitted by Janet Women could surely find ways to actually physically harm their male partner, but, do not,..