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This is the first article I posted on this site. I lifted this article from one of the Men's Rights sites and as you can see, they were fairly pissed way back then as well. That type of attitude and thinking really has not changed much but the language may have lowered an aggro notch or two. Maybe it is a little more noticeable now as we got a little older and those issues are now still the same..
 The sentiments have not changed much at all..

Originally posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2005, I guess that means that I have been slaving over this blog for six years, Happy Birthday Blog..
What women are like..
Here is a range of article created by men that have released themselves from the femimatrix.
Women do not matter. Really - their presence makes not one ounce of difference. They can stand there, sit there, lie there, gesticulate - or not. They can open and close their mouths and make funny sounds or remain silent. It really doesn't matter. Their sole contribution to the world is popping out kids - an exercise which men have not (yet) mastered.
In fact, the less attention men pay to women, the more they advance. True, they'll get into a few fights here and there, kill each other off - along with maybe a few hundred thousand others. But all in all, they still manage to advance technologically and evolve humanity. In all this, woman plays no part whatsoever. She might as well not be there, she serves at best as a distraction for men to get into fights over.
Now here comes feminism. It gives women this ludicrous idea that they matter - that their presence somehow makes one iota of a difference, when in reality, it of course does not. Moreover, it gives men the same ridiculous idea - that they should take woman seriously beyond using them as part of their overall objective (whether that is to have sex or to have a family or whatever).
And THAT's the source of the problem right there. All of a sudden, men worry about all this senseless shit that women say and do. They actually bother to take women seriously when in reality it not only makes no sense, but it is completely counterproductive. Do you see male animals asking females to fuck them? No, they simply go at it. Sometimes the bitch says no - oh well. On to the next one.
The whole problem is that today, men take women seriously - as if they matter. THAT is why men are uncomfortable - because they are told to think of women as having any significance. Of course the more important something is to you (especially if you're indoctrinated with the notion), the more seriously you're going to take it. And when you're dealing with something as fundamentally irrational and blindly emotional as women, you can see that there's going to be a problem right there.
Why is Chris so successful with women - and why is he so successful in general, accomplishing shit left and right? Because on a fundamental level he is clear on all this. Now look at his productivity, look at the average entitled ameriwhore's productivity, and then look at the productivity of the average pussy whipped mangina - and think about who gets shit done and who doesn't.
The crime against humanity was to brainwash men into thinking that women are to be taken seriously. Even women hate that (though they won't acknowledge it in the words I just put it).
I thought I had better compensate for the eyesore above just incase your eyes were starting to haemorrhage or you felt like pulling them out..

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