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Where does one start with the whole disaster that is the biased and bigoted Wikipedia..

Wikipedia has been demonstrated to be edited, manipulated and overrun by feminists and their enablers. I can remember reading an article that stated they had college "females"feminist students editing Wikipedia and from a feminist perspective. So I wondered if that was either true or just imagined..

The topic I checked was MRA. An obvious topic for the misandric, delusional and bigoted feminists to wallow in and make some spurious claims instead of being unbiased and concentrate solely on that subject. One would imagine that to be the case..

Counter Feminist

Meet Michael Flood -- Anti-Male Scumbag

Michael Flood : Fraudster and Liar..

It would appear that a male feminist, Michael Flood, whose name has been associated with the SCUM Manifesto Conference participants. Flood was caught using a Father's Rights Site to try and coerce politicians to ignore Father's Rights Issue of equal parenting rights by making spurious and unfounded remarks about their motives. Flood used their mailing lists under the false guise of helping, used a different name and was caught out by the site's owner, who confronted him about the issue. This is how   male feminists work and this same individual is located at one of the same Universities that trained and educated the same radical feminists who have lectured and attended the SCUM Manifesto Conference in Perth, Western Australia in September 2011.

It goes without saying that Dr Michael Flood cannot be trusted, he has a specific bias towards radical feminism and it's male-hate, male-destroying agenda..

5. Men's Studies, Men in academia

(Excerpted from The Men's Bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities, compiled by Michael Flood. 19th edition, 2008. Home URL:

What Flood has done is introduce his biased, sexist, feminist, male hating book list and introduced it into Wikipedia and placed it into the MRA section. Anyone who edits Wikipedia listings should  remove that entry as it has absolutely nothing to do with MRA activities or actions. It is just another attempt by feminists to introduce their slanderous male bashing books into an area that is nothing of their concern..