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Apply a little pressure, get in their face and they fold. That is the way it's done. A concerted effort by many in the Men's Movement "Horde", got the work done and all who took part, a hearty thank you and for those who are of the opinion that it's either a waste of time or it's just too hard because it would require some extra mouse presses, some typing along the lines of ""F" you lot for your misandry", as  you have a right to be pissed off. I would imagine that you would be feeling pretty foolish right about now..

 So how about the next time we request a little help, you begin exercising your mouse finger and get cracking..

Above all, great to get a positive result and it sets the standard for the new year. For 2012, our new phrase is going to be -

 "Were Not Gonna Take it, Anymore"..

We won

The protest against Verizon is over,we won. Under pressure Verizon conceded and removed the anti-male message from their Verizon Foundation website. The protest was successful because all of us, especially those front soldier protestors,were willing to get in Verizon's face and tell them that we are opposed to their misandry. This is proof that men's issues are viable politically and that standing together we can accomplish great things. Don't let anyone tell you different. If they do they are either misinformed or worse,lying to you.

From our fellow soldiers at Men's Rights Blog..