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Anyone within a bulls roar of just about any MM site would have been visually assaulted by a Swedish Snuff video made with taxpayers money,  showing a group of females murdering a fellow human being and then exulting in their achievement. It would have been more suited for underground release aimed at that market instead of being made available for school children and presented in public schools. Murder must now be included on the curriculum at all Swedish Schools..

Killings prompt review of school's actions

Chewing gum helps Swedish students learn

Swedish preschools use GPS to avoid losing kids

One does have to wonder what level of unadulterated (remove adult) heinous mentality one has to suffer from in order to think that it was acceptable behaviour as well as it having educational merit. What are parents in that country doing besides living in denial. Don't forget that Sweden is the Feminist Governance epicentre as that hate movement found it ever so easy to slip into a country that had already been educated in the farcical ways of communism and socialism. Have a look at it's history and you will find that Sweden is apparently uncomfortable if there are not some lunatics at the helm to teach them how to behave like humans do and to automatically accept the dictators demands. I wonder if George Orwell's novel "1984" was primarily aimed at predicting Sweden's future, a future example of what it would be like under feminist, female governance. Behold, how wonderful your future would be if only your life was run by fanatical lesbian feminists who tolerate half of the population until they can dispose of them, hygienically ofcourse, crisp clean body bags and the girl's army could do with the practice..

Men sue Swedish police for sexual discrimination

Dozens of men have filed sexual discrimination complaints with Sweden's Equality Ombudsman (DO), after being denied admission to Sweden's National Police Academy

Donna, 26, Sweden's first police recruit in hijab

Drop the standards and what do you get, we wait..
My memory of the Scandinavian countries have always been positive, there was much about Sweden to like. I remember those many movies depicting the travels and travails of former seafarers who spent most of their time searching the planet and escaping the place for whatever reason. Was that a predictor?.

'Sweden made me re-think affirmative action'

Women arm wrestlers bring home the gold

Waiting to do the "next" funny Video..
Swedish women having fun..
Just incase you are under the delusional impression that Swedish women are actually different from AW, then I am afraid you are in for a shock. Paranoia and elevated egos would quickly put a complete halt to that type of thinking, Assange "Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism." anyone, "Sweden doesn't have a jury system and holds rape trials in secret.", would ensure that you either leave your libido at the border or go on a course of inhibitors as Swedish women do not exactly demonstrate that men are really required..

H&M defends marketing lingerie with fake models

Even the women are artificially generated as to not be too offensive but that did not work either..

I would seriously reconsider any possibility of ending up in that country for obvious reasons. You could end up in prison at a far better rate than the US now offers and the Swedish women, well, are they worth the effort ?..