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I have posted a few times concerning the feminist penchant for "creating feminism in their own image". Something like "not all feminists are like that" would be a good start whenever feminists make some ludicrous assumption or wax lyrical about what they assume feminism is or should be, and thereby regard it as being such..

Here we have another looney tune member of the feminist mini-horde, who prefers to make up her own delusional assumptions, feminist concepts can obviously be invoked or derived at by any illusionary purveyor or "out of body" experiencer. I think this interpretation may have emanated from the "Mother Earth" movement or maybe she consulted a psychic after being made aware that her aura had lost it's luminance and required re-auraring or re-psyching, not sure..

Quote of the Week..

This is one of the most interesting feminist concepts I’ve come across lately. Cherryblossom describes how the background is invisible and unreachable to men:
Men can’t fathom the Background; they could never enter its portals because they don’t realise it exists, and even if they did they wouldn’t be welcome there. In fact, if a man did inadvertantly stumble upon it, a secret shift of energy would take place and all of a sudden the same space would become the foreground. Only the women would notice.
All men see of women is their own projections, which of course, must take place in public, when women are in spaces that men can see them.
This, I think, is undeniably true.
Men like to pretend that they’re experts on women, that they understand us better than we understand ourselves. But deep down they know this is not actually true.
Fascinating stuff, it just makes you want to do something else..