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At last another reality check for American Women. Finally, someone else with the balls to come out and tell the truth. Finally a radio announcer waxes the truth about American Women that sheds the light on the fact that the majority of American women are of the opinion that the world revolves around them and we (the Men) are here solely for their benefit to keep them happy..

 This is the farce that has been instigated and promoted by feminists and American women have walked into lockstep with their mentality..

The American Woman believes the world owes them a living and that all men are here to do her bidding without any effort on her part. It's akin to returning to their childhood, only in this day and age, they know nothing different..
 These videos are overdue as is the comments that it's about time that Amercian women were held responsible and accountable for their actions, also those white knights, those cowards and women worshippers who have promoted this self destroying mentality..

How proud of their mindless actions are they now..