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Those two bitches who got what they deserved when they attacked the McDonald's cook have not been charged, but the guy has been released after a grand jury found him not guilty. I am surprised as I would have taken it for granted that if he had of faced one of those feminised judges, of which there are plenty, he would have gone done even though he was one who was attacked and defended himself. Good to see he dished out more than he got. There is occasionally some justice..

Rayon McIntosh Cleared in McDonald's Beating Case

DNAinfo Staff

MANHATTAN — Rayon McIntosh, the Greenwich Village McDonald's worker caught on dramatic cellphone video beating two unruly female customers, was not indicted by a grand jury, prosecutors said Friday, paving the way for him to be released from custody.
After convening for 11 days over the incident, which was captured on shocking video first published by DNAinfo, the grand jury voted to dismiss charges against McIntosh, 31.

Both women were charged with trespass, but it was not clear if they were indicted.

It will be interesting to see whether those two abusers will be held accountable just like this man was. What would the chance be of that happening..