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You are the problem as you promote murder..
This video sums up the total and completed feminist goals and aims. Not only does it show young women murdering a man in cold blood, an end goal of feminism, especially radical feminism. But it demonstrates how perverse the Swedish Society, under feminist governance, has become. This video or the original version, is a promotion video produced by the people named on it This video will be shown to school children in Swedish schools. This is the way feminists operate as they denigrate and humiliate males at will, using tax payers money, in order to raise women to some non-existent, imaginary, delusional level..

Feminists here demonstrate their total commitment to the destruction of males and their endless pursuit of achieving female supremacy. If you are a feminist, YOU are supporting this as well as promoting the misandry(male hate) that feminism encourges..

That man sitting in that chair could be your Father, Brother, Uncle or Grandfather..

I hope you feel good about yourself now..