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Many sleeps ago, my third eldest sibling had a birthday coming up and I was a little perplexed about what to buy her for her sixth year on the planet. I asked her "what would you like for your birthday, a doll or a truck". She responded and said she would like a truck and she promptly opened her Tonka truck with tip tray and big enough to almost ride on, on the day. Many years later, she commented about that particular present as we were talking about her upcoming birthday. "Dad" she said "Do you remember that time you asked me whether I wanted a doll or a truck for my birthday and I said I wanted a truck". "Ofcourse I do" I replied wondering.
She said "I really wanted a doll". That doll now takes pride of place in the middle of her bed on top of the bedspread and copious pillows. I did wonder why she wanted that truck but never asked..

Feminism and feminists have wandered to and fro, regarding femininity as when feminism reared it's abusive head, it was mainly run by lesbians, male hating was their forte and nothing was going to change their attitude. No amount of male abuse and vitriol was considered sufficient. A bit like the endless marginalising efforts by most male hating feminists today, even though they claim to be the "new" caring, sharing version which is ofcourse another fallacy, a complete and total lie. Marcotte and Valenti are obvious examples that tosses that claim down the gurgle..

Feminist's claim that "we are the result of our environment and not our sex" has been soundly discarded as way too many studies have thrown that claim onto the scrap heap where it belongs. It is enjoyable to watch them make efforts at trying to prove otherwise. The odd lunatic parent keep the sex of their toddler "secret" like anyone gives a damn and deny the child it's normal, sex based requests for stuff they would like to play with. An action and attitude that is not only inhuman but downside cruel. Feminist mothers are the worst mothers you can find as they refuse to accept normal behaviour and try to manipulate the child to behave in a fashion that is based on a theory rather than nature, by forcefully changing a child's behaviour away from their normal behavioural pattern is only going to cause more issues than it fixes. It can only be regarded as child abuse. Any parent would be aghast at locking a child in a room with neither window or door and that is precisely what feminised mothers are doing to their child's mind..

So we have another feminist ignoramus agonizing over the same thing..

Cinderella ate my daughter

Here is my dirty little secret: as a journalist, I have spent nearly two decades writing about girls, thinking about girls, talking about how girls should be raised. Yet, when I finally got pregnant myself, I was terrified at the thought of having a daughter.
I was supposed to be an expert on girls' behaviour. What if, after all that, I was not up to the challenge myself?

Shopping for her, I grumbled over the relentless colour coding of babies. Who cared whether the crib sheets were pink or plaid? During those months, I must have started a million sentences with "My daughter will never..."
And then I became a mother. Daisy was, of course, the most beautiful baby ever (if you don't believe me, ask my husband).
I was committed to raising her without a sense of limits: I wanted her to believe neither that some behaviour or toy or profession was not for her sex nor that it was mandatory for her sex.
I wanted her to be able to pick and choose the pieces of her identity freely — that was supposed to be the prerogative, the privilege of her generation.
For a while, it looked as if I were succeeding. On her first day of nursery, at the age of two, she wore her favourite outfit — her "engineers" (a pair of pin- striped overalls) — and proudly toted her Thomas the Tank Engine lunchbox.
My daughter had transcended typecasting. Oh, how the mighty fall. All it took was one boy who, while whizzing past her in the playground, yelled, "Girls don't like trains!" and Thomas was shoved to the bottom of the toy chest.
Within a month, Daisy threw a tantrum when I tried to wrestle her into trousers. As if by osmosis, she had learned the names and gown colours of every Disney Princess.
She gazed longingly into the tulle-draped windows of the local toy stores and, for her third birthday, begged for a "real princess dress" with matching plastic high heels.

 Yet another one wakes up and notices that the sun will shine if the child is permitted to live their own life instead of manipulating it to their latest variation of that doctrine. It changes weekly..
Feminism have done a complete reversal and people are just ignoring their doctrinal ragings as it's failure is once again displayed by one of their own, after all that handwringing and tissue usage. But would they ever admit that the feminist doctrine, that wish list, that experiment, erred, or in this case, totally screwed it up. That confession will be a long time coming..
That, at long last, they could "have it all": be feminist and feminine, pretty and powerful, earn independence and male approval. Then again, maybe I should just lighten up and not read so much into it.