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If we pay any attention to the claims, imaginary figures and delusional facts from feminists, one would automatically assume that you spent last night abusing someone or something. Go on, admit it..

Women excluded ofcourse, as they never abuse anything, anyone or anybody, ever..

Feminists release a constant stream of misinformation on that topic, so one must have done something last night to add to those imaginary, massive abuse statistics. We would have to plan our abusive behaviour accordingly. According to feminists, last night could have consisted on the following possible abuses...

Confession time..

Looking Abuse - I bet you looked at a woman last night, didn't you. It does not matter whether it was on a train, tram, a television or magazine. Looking is visual abuse, dontchaknow. I even bet you enjoyed it, you misogynist..

Phone Abuse - Did you call someone on the phone, did you. Spoke to someone and said stuff. Even contemplating a phone call and thinking about it constitutes possible abuse, I bet you did. You sexist..

Mental Abuse - This is the worst type of abuse where feminists are concerned. Mental abuse has no limitations, it's carried out without the abusee even knowing they were actual being abused. Playing mind games in this fashion must be fought against and laws will have to be instituted in order to put a stop to this massive invasion of mental privacy. Mental abuse can take any form and as soon as they work out what it actually is, they will let you know how much harm it actually causes. Stay tuned. New facts and studies to follow..

Proximity Abuse - Standing within one meter of any female is considered "Personal Space" abuse. Especially when riding in an elevator. Proximity abuse comes in all forms and it does no even have to be in anyone space, just being in any elevator can be determined as breaking this abusive behaviour. As a matter of fact, it's not just presence but concerns vocal infringement as well. Someone actually spoke to a female in a lift once and she had to be treated for proximity disease. Psychologists are now studying the condition and will be prescribing treatment soon..

Verbalism Abuse - This is by far the absolutist worst abuse anyone could possibly imagine. VB is not as subtle as MB or LB but VB comes in all forms. Anyone can unconsciously VB anyone, it happens whenever any spoken word is introduced between two members of the opposite sex, like "ticket please" can be considered to be VB. That must be stopped at all costs. VB has nothing to do with a beverage company but must now be changed to have a different significance..