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Verizon's misinformation in their latest DV promotion demonstrates once again that telling the truth is not part of their overall agenda or strategy but promoting disinformation is..
To blame Fathers solely for DV disregards and ignores the fact that Mothers are the greater child abusers and are also as inclined towards domestic violence then her partner.. Verizon totally disregards, ignores this vital information and instead spread male hate (misandry) instead..Domestic Violence will never be halted by stopping only one partner from fighting while the other has carte blanche. This sexist attitude and discrimination against Fathers has to stop as it will never solve anything..

The Verizon Foundation and the National Domestic Violence Hotline Team Up for Some Man-Hating
Harry Crouch
December 1, 2011
“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan – former president of the National Ourganization for Women (NOW) and editor of MS magazine
Last week we became aware of the Verizon Foundation’s and National Domestic Violence Hotline’s video Monsters.
We mailed and/or emailed 28 leaders of both organizations an open letter strenuously objecting to their outrageous man-hating video.
Before reading the letter we sent both those organizations or more of what is below please watch or re watch the video.
Now that you have seen it or seen it again ask yourself if you can imagine yourself in the room full of people who conjured up this video. How many people do you see? How many meetings were there? Which million dollar conference rooms were used in Verizon and NDVH buildings? How many men and how many women were in the conferences?
Try to imagine all that and the conversations that led to the production of this horrific misandric boy bashing video. I cannot come close to imagining myself in such a room, being surrounded by however many people were there all blinded by some ill conceived and irrational ideology that drives them to the conclusion that only boys grow tall to become abusers.
These people are either ignorant or hateful or both. If ignorant they can be educated, if hate filled ideologues with hidden agendas there is little or no reason to believe reality and truth will have any bearing on their self-serving idiocy.
And, wouldn’t you like to know that one someone, the first person in this group of man-hating sociopathic pariahs that came up with the idea for Monsters?
If challenged that person and her defenders will deny, justify, rationalize, and blame it on a kid, the little girl, if she really exists, whose ugly vision this video purportedly shares. I sure would, I want to know. Then could put on a full court press to get whoever it was fired, if not somehow imprisoned.
You won’t see this video on network television, it’s a weird length ill suited to program scheduling. It will live on the Internet and be proudly shown around the country at domestic violence council meetings; used for training public safety officers, forced on the military for awareness training, and paraded at fundraising events put on by domestic violence shelters, family justice centers, and even struggling university women studies programs. Oh, and yes, it will be introduced into our schools perhaps even as early as first grade.
This video has the potential for spreading harm and hate for decades. It has to be stopped, withdrawn, and destroyed.
Please help. Our letter includes the mailing address, email addresses, and even some phone numbers to those that have the power to stop this pure propaganda mind-warping travesty of a video. Write letters, send emails, and make phone calls to your legislators too; also, your local Verizon company executives and newspapers.
Please feel free to reprint our letter and mail or email it, turn it into handouts, flyers and so forth. Also, please distribute a link to this page to as many people as you can.
Become part of the solution and help us help others protect our children and future generations by ensuring this video is pulled from the Internet, is not distributed, and destroyed.
How is it we allow such hate-mongers to gain such power? I just don’t get it.