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Fascinating how many men around the world are involved in spreading the message and fighting against that male hating, feminist hegemony. Another great radio program from Men's Matters in the UK. Another effort that requires our attention and support. The only way these type of programs survive and grow is by all to link, comment or just listen to it as that will increase the hit rates and that is what matters the most. So, in order to support this radio program, just to have a listen..

Support Men's Matters..

Mens Matters


Two notices:
(1) Men's Matters on Express FM 
The latest broadcast of Men’s Matters, presented by James Williams, is being going out live on Tuesday 22ndNovember at 1900 GMT on 93.7 ExpressFM. Most listeners do not live in Portsmouth (England) but can listen on line. To listen inlive click on:
If you are unable to listen at this time, the program does get moved to Listen Again after a few days which can be played at anytime. You can hear it by clicking on Listen Again on: then select the Mens Matters icon.
The show lasts barely one hour but is the only one of its kind in the UK. The only advertising it gets is through people like yourself passing it on so if you can, please tell people about it.
This edition includes an interview with Tom Martin who is suing the London School of Economics for £50,000 of damages for sexism against men. He says the course he undertook had been was misleading in its advertising, and breached the Gender Equality Duty Act. Listen to his exclusive interview. May be we all could learn something by his action? There is also an American contribution from the Tom Leykis show in Los Angeles concerning the distressing affects of single parenting.
(2) Domestic Abuse Awareness Week
Today was the the start of the above and eagle eyed readers are encouraged to point out any examples where the police or councils run or support events during the week that only raise the issue about female victims, and not female and male victims.
This is not only the usual discrimination but also places the authority in danger of breaching the Public Sector Equality Duty. Here is one by Crimestoppers (a charity) so the Duty does not apply.
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