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One does have to wonder how more pathetic and demanding can feminists be. Claims made by feminists as stated in the video is unsubstantiated and incorrect, the abuse industries now rely on funding for incomes and further government largesse in keeping their jobs. The falsification of the statistics continually touted by feminists and their enablers, claim that rape and sexual assault has increased in plague proportions is just not true.
It is in their own best interest to raise the hysteria level in order to keep their positions and keep the funds pouring in while at the same time denying that anyone else is affected by rape or sexual assault..

Even after changes were made at redefining both rape and sexual assaults, both have been substantially reduced. But the false claims have not..

The endless hypocrisy and misinformation is astounding..

Bureau of Justice Statistics. 
Released October 2010.

Rape and Assault From 2000 @ 1.2 % to 2009 @ 0.5 equals a reduction of MINUS 56%
Rape/sexual assault 1.2   0.5   DOWN -56.9

Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Pdf file for more info..

ƒ Violence against males, blacks, and persons age 24 or younger occurred at higher or somewhat higher rates than the rates of violence against females, whites, and persons age 25 or older in 2009
Rates of violent (down 39%) and property (down 29%) crimes
decreased between 2000 and 2009.
About half (49%) of all violent crimes and about 40% of all property crimes were reported to the police in 2009. Violent crimes
against females (53%) were more likely to be reported than
violent crimes against males (45%).

So they will make up and promote anything that is remotely attached to their claims even if they have to make it all up.