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What can one say when you witness another guy being screwed by another American toxic female. Que sera sera. It would appear to be an endless learning process that guys will have to go through. To the members of the all knowing MM and MRAs, this experience is called "Taking The Red Pill", this particular type of medication does not bode well with ignorance or the refusal to accept the bleeding inevitable..
Modern Women are intoxicated with feminism.
One has to learn quite a few things in life and one of the hardest education you will endure is when some female rips out your heart, tosses it into the garbage disposal unit and just wanders off into another relationship, just like she would change her underwear. This toxic female is alive and well in America, especially trained in the art of narcism, self delusion and the "It's All About ME" mentality, that rises like the stench of a rotting corpse. You just do not want to be near it..

So these type of relationships add copious members to the MM, purely because we have been predicting this would happen and spreading it for so long that it is now impossible to ignore. So what is the message, the outcome, where do you go from here. Have a listen..

A sincere, honest, straight forward information, offered..