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I am still amazed that I get emails of this type, then again I am not. The feminastie movement is still prominently spreading their hate message at every college and university, every woman's shelter. Radical feminists and feminism still foments hate and distrust, demands the removal of the entire male sex with the exception of a few slaves ofcourse. We cannot have those feminists breaking a nail while working in the coal mines, now can we..

What amazes me the most is how on some rare occasion, I get a comment like the one below where the author is of the opinion that her hate movement is really "benign" and "caring", as it has ofcourse "helped" her achieve her own blinkered privileged lifestyle at the expense of men and boys but that ofcourse is irrelevant as "she" is worth it..

What does not amaze me though, when I check out the person's ID, is that it supports the USA's number one mangina, Obama. Needless to say but I will, Obama has no problem promoting radical feminism and promptly installed the male haters into the White House. They promptly instituted laws against men and boys to ensure their rights are removed (via the new sexual assault laws introduced at Universities and Colleges where the male is automatically guilty because "she" says so). The ignorance of these followers is astounding. Whatever ever you do crimzonite, just remain ignorant and don't bother finding out about the hate movement you support and all will be well in the land of Alice in Wonderland, while you justify your support for that malicious, hate generating, hegemony, while you justify to yourself that feminism is just a benign, caring, dictatorship in disguise..

It is precisely how I expect a feminised"woman" to behave (I love that hate movement because it give me stuff and I don't care if it destroys yours or other people"s lives). Why don't one of you for once, demonstrate otherwise and look outside your little bubble, outside your brainwashed illusions..

That would be a pleasant change..

crimzonite has left a new comment on your post "Men DO NOT Owe Women A Living..": 

I'm deeply saddened to have stumbled upon this somewhat misogynistic blog. I'm a very open minded person but many of your blogposts are deeply distressing to read as a woman. It's particularly worrying that you seem to lack any true understanding of the feminist movement and how feminist ideology like political ideology varies from liberal to radical; and yet you paint the whole movement with one dirty brush by demonising the liberation of women. I personally don't believe men and women are different but neither gender is superior to the other; just like a black man and a white man may be different but no superiority of one race should legally or socially exist. However, can it not be said that the black man and the white can have the equal opportunity to live and work as they wish? If yes, why then can a woman and a man not have the same equal opportunities to live and work as they wish? And why should it offend you if a woman or a white man chooses to live and work in a manner that is not to your liking? Life is short but can it not also be a harmonious one? Thanks for reading this! 

Link to Freelancer and her own bubble wrapped delusions..