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I'll have one of these thanks..

Now this is interesting as it has no mention about the size of a car representing the size of your you know what. Must be something more to it..

Cannot say I have ever been tempted to driving the girlie cars on the first list. everyone to their own, I guess..

You Are What You Drive

Strategic Vision conducted a major study of new automobile buyers, including party affiliation. For what it’s worth, a new car buyer is more likely to be a Republican than a Democrat, by 37% to 31%. Strategic Vision identified the five “most popular models” for Democrats and Republicans. The results look like a parody, but they aren’t:
1. Honda Civic Hybrid
2. Volvo C30
3. Nissan Leaf
4. Acura TSX Wagon
5. Ford Fiesta sedan
1. Ford Mustang Convertible
2. Audi A8
3. Mercedes GL
4. Ford Expedition
5. Ford F-­‐150

I am not sure what “most popular” means–can it possibly be true that the car most likely to be bought by a Republican is a Mustang convertible?–but, whatever the criteria, the survey confirms that some stereotypes are true.
Several years ago I saw a study that said that the most heavily Republican car–the one with the highest Republican/Democrat ratio, being purchased by virtually no Democrats–was the Jaguar.

All of this adds up to one more illustration of the fact that it is a heck of a lot more fun to be a Republican than a Democrat.
JOE WONDERS whether John left out a photo of the Honda Civic Hybrid out of an overdeveloped sense of charity.